[Can peanuts be eaten in the first trimester]_Early pregnancy_Impact

Apr - 25

[Can peanuts be eaten in the first trimester]_Early pregnancy_Impact

[Can peanuts be eaten in the first trimester]_Early pregnancy_Impact

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women will pay more attention to some diets at this time. The first is the diet changes. After pregnancy, pregnant women should eat more foods that can increase calcium, help improve intelligence, and promote bone development.It is often eaten with some big fish and meat. If it feels more greasy, you can pair it with some boiled peanuts, but you should not eat too much at a time.

Can pregnant women eat boiled peanuts? Pregnant women can eat boiled peanuts. Peanuts are good food for pregnant women. Especially boiled peanuts are especially suitable for pregnant women, but the boiled peanuts we often see on stalls outside are notIt is recommended to eat, because most of them are added with flavoring agents, which will definitely have an impact on pregnant women.

It should also be noted that pregnant women cannot eat peanuts in excess, especially in the third trimester, and they should eat less, otherwise it may increase the risk of food allergies after the baby is born, easily cause the baby’s allergic constitution, and easily lead to fire andindigestion.

Pregnant women eat peanuts daily, no matter what the taste is, the best one is daily, and appropriate supplements will do.

Pregnant women are more suitable for eating boiled peanuts. There are many ways to eat peanuts. The general way of eating is “raw food, fried, fried, cooked.”

However, from a nutritional point of view, frying is not advisable in the first place, and raw food is not advisable, because aflatoxin is infected during the growth of peanuts. Aflatoxin is recognized as the strongest carcinogen, which will deposit in the liver and cause liver cancer.

Because aflatoxin is precipitated, if you cook it, you can basically filter out the aflatoxin. This way, it is safe to eat cooked peanuts and easy to digest. The loss of nutrients is minimal. If you cook it, you cannot destroy the aflatoxin, soSay cooking is the best.

Benefits of pregnant women eating boiled peanuts in moderation1.

Calcium supplemented peanuts have extremely high calcium content. Calcium is the main component of human bones, so eating more peanuts can promote human growth and development.

Protein depends on the mother’s body to provide the necessary nutrition, and mothers often eat peanuts, which can also provide the baby with sufficient calcium and help the baby’s bones develop more soundly.


Improved intelligence Peanuts can promote cell development and improve intelligence.

Peanut protein contains more than ten kinds of amino acids needed by the human body. Among them, lysine can improve children’s intelligence, glutamic acid and aspartic acid can induce cell development and enhance the brain’s memory ability, which can make baby brain development moreSound, more intelligent and cute.


Anti-aging contains some catechins in peanuts, these things have a good anti-aging effect on the human body.

Eating peanut flowers regularly can slow down human aging, so some people call peanuts “longevity fruit”.