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Jun - 07

The first animal closest to everyone,Is the bird!All kinds of colorful,Colorful bird,Girls basically like beautiful things,So when I saw these little birds,The plums immediately swarmed in cheers,Even Meizi started chirping excitedly with everyone……

Only the swallow is calm,Long career as a professional killer,Let her develop calmness,calm,Good qualities of joy and anger,Although she also likes to see those little elves who are jumping for joy and have wings,But she still looks calm and calm。…

Jun - 05

Nana covers her belly,said laughingly:“So cool。”

“Haha。”Shu Qing smiled,Said:“remember,When you are not calm in the future,You just drink yogurt。” “What if it’s winter?” “Drink in winter。” “Ha ha,I dare not,Time to have a stomach。” Shu Qing said:“The one I bought won’t,Especially our girls are good to…

Jun - 03

“Do not,Do not,Do not!Not!”

Liu Xiaoyun refused,Turning around and making a face at Qin Liang。 “You just come?I’m back to the hotel,You wander by yourself。” Qin Liang pretended to say,Then stopped。 Liu Xiaoyun hesitated,Still returned to Qin Liang’s side…… “Brother-in-law,What are you doing?” Shen…

Jun - 02

“OK then,eat,eat。”

Qin Liang didn’t hire anymore,I had no choice but to shut my mouth…… Finished dinner,The little girls all ran back to the dormitory to rest,Shen Ruoxi,Murongshan two went to the kitchen to help two aunts clean up,Qin Liang is left…