Month: September 2021

Sep - 28

“Payton and Kobe made Mou in the first quarter!”

“Full of Mars!Physical resistance!All the other players became spectators!This is the stage of Kobe and Payton!” “Kobe’s first three-pointer7in5!Among the regular three points3in2!Retreat4in3!There is also an exaggerated3+1!Kobe got in the first quarter19Minute!” “Payton uses the pick and roll,Inside out!Efficiency is…

Sep - 27


001 God tree martial soul and reincarnation eye! 『You crossed because you looked handsome in the mirror.』 『You were born in Douluo Holy Soul Village.』 『You lived healthy to seven.』 『You did not inherit the Clear Sky Hammer.』 『You learn…

Sep - 26

He saw that the light was still on in the living room,Could not help but be a little surprised,Then lick his lips,Close the door gently and lock it,I walked in carefully,Seeing Baixue attentively at the computer desk,A hint of excitement flashed in his eyes。

Bai Xue is now working on the report attentively,Did not notice anyone coming in。 Until the thirty-seventh minute walked to her,She was shocked,Stand up,Surprised:“Brother Zhao,How did you come?” “Ha ha,Let me tell you something。”Smiled,“Why are you so nervous,Brother Zhao is…

Sep - 25

“What to do,Fuss!”

Director Zhong is now preparing to call Li Qianhui to continue to pressure,So when I heard Xiao Cui’s shout, I glanced at her a little displeased。 “Director Zhong,The Wanshi Group company responsible for this bioengineering project is Yingkang Pharmaceutical, right??”Secretary…

Sep - 23

But now?

This has just been taken over by myself for less than half a year,This is what happened to the company,Direct bankruptcy。 “Lee,Manager Li,Not only the stocks are frozen,Just received another message,All your bank cards are frozen,All houses under the name、Car,Also…