Month: August 2021

Aug - 31

I was so arrogant before,The defiant tiger。

now,When I heard Li Xingxing,Kowtowing at Lin Yu for mercy。 Because Brother Hu knows,What exactly is Li Xingxing’s confession?。 “Yingying,Let’s go!” I heard Brother Hu,Lin Yu takes a look at Li Xingxing,Just ignore。 “Ok!” Lu Yingying heard what Lin Yu…

Aug - 27

Big cousin Liu Wen suddenly said with emotion:“What an ordinary one,Just go by,Calm and calm,Quiet and peaceful。”</p>

Zhang Junmi smiled,Just smile a little melancholy,Tao:“Yes,What an ordinary one,But even these,We can’t do it。”</p> Su Luodao:“In the eyes of others,We are successful,Standing in the most dazzling place,But does anyone know,We are just ordinary people,Same desire for freedom,Affection,love。”</p> Teacher He…

Aug - 23

What kind of plane is this??

I’m not familiar with him! “The Knicks didn’t start well,”Kefan Road:“But they played even worse after changing the lineup!” Knicks substitutions,The Cavaliers also substituted,But they only changed to Varejao,ReplacedTT,The Big Three are still on the court。 This lineup is different…

Aug - 22

Leaping high!

Leaped over Garnett。 Leaped the Emperor James。 Leaped over Nash, Son of the Wind。 Leap over Golden State Lavin。 Legendary dunkers on the sidelinesJThe doctor seemed to see his young self。 Michael Jordan in front of the TV looks at…