Month: June 2021

Jun - 16

“Ok,Who else is called?”

“Called Shang Zhigang and Lao Xiao,Lao Xiao’s business is basically fine,It’s this half a day,So personnel issues must be on the agenda in advance。” Peng Changyi thought about it:“I feel,It’s better for you to meet Mayor Bao alone,Think about it,If…

Jun - 15

Ding Yi smiled bitterly。

At noon,Lang Faqian、Wang Jun and Yue Sufen,Came to visit Ding Yi with fruits and some nutrients。When they saw her situation,Lang Faqian said deliberately:“This time I believe Xiao Ding is really hurt,And hurt。” Ding Yi smiled,Said:“So you don’t believe that I…

Jun - 12

I heard Song Min’s hoarse defiant scream coming from the room,And Zhuang Sheng screamed like crazy,The few bodyguards guarding the door are also irritating virtues.……

These bodyguards are specially responsible for guarding Zhuang Sheng’s bedroom,So I don’t know what happened in the casino before,They thought Zhuang Sheng drank too much wine,Drunk,Can’t control my lust,Want to rape Song Min?。 “Song Min, this little girl’s face,I really…

Jun - 11

Li Qiaoer and Li Yaxin are dragon soul fighters of the Rose Legion,And the commander of the Rose Legion is Swallow, not Qin Liang,So they only need to ask Yanzi for leave。

“Let’s ask for leave and will approve it?” Li Yaxin asked worriedly。 “Why not?Now do we have a task,Moreover,Sister Yanzi is so talkative,Do not worry,She will definitely agree with us to go。” Li Qiao’er said confidently。 “That’s good,Speaking of Mayfair…

Jun - 08

“Can you not mention this‘chicken’Word……”

Du Shanshan said frustratedly。 “I can ask your family to buy you beef back。” The little nurse turned her eyes。 “I can eat beef!Really?” Du Shanshan’s eyes lit up immediately,Excitedly asked。 “Do not,You think too much,You can only drink beef…