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Sep - 26

He saw that the light was still on in the living room,Could not help but be a little surprised,Then lick his lips,Close the door gently and lock it,I walked in carefully,Seeing Baixue attentively at the computer desk,A hint of excitement flashed in his eyes。

Bai Xue is now working on the report attentively,Did not notice anyone coming in。 Until the thirty-seventh minute walked to her,She was shocked,Stand up,Surprised:“Brother Zhao,How did you come?” “Ha ha,Let me tell you something。”Smiled,“Why are you so nervous,Brother Zhao is…

Sep - 23

But now?

This has just been taken over by myself for less than half a year,This is what happened to the company,Direct bankruptcy。 “Lee,Manager Li,Not only the stocks are frozen,Just received another message,All your bank cards are frozen,All houses under the name、Car,Also…

Sep - 03

Kyuubi proudly said。

“Hey,You are obviously nine tails,But still call this body an adult?” Huahuo’s contemptuous expression。 “Humph,Bo Ren, but I am in addition to the old man Liudao,The only person I admire。”Nine Tails,“correct,Don’t you tell Naruto about your current situation??” “The most…

Jul - 04

“Yes,I understand!”

Liu Xiaoyun nodded seriously and agreed。“If I deal with the dealer alone,By my ability,It is not difficult to escape safely,And it won’t hurt everyone。and so,Action tomorrow,It’s me and you,Serving as a battlefield commander。You must act according to my current order,Never…

Jun - 30

“What is he doing?”

Peng Changyi said calmly:“Studying cooking。” Jiang Fan was taken aback,Say:“what,Cooking?” “Ok,North and South dishes、Man Han Feast,Are studying。” Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“This old comrade,interesting。” Peng Changyi didn’t follow his words and continued,Just ask Ding Yi:“Xiaoding,What to eat?” Ding Yi said:“casual,I want to…

Jun - 15

Ding Yi smiled bitterly。

At noon,Lang Faqian、Wang Jun and Yue Sufen,Came to visit Ding Yi with fruits and some nutrients。When they saw her situation,Lang Faqian said deliberately:“This time I believe Xiao Ding is really hurt,And hurt。” Ding Yi smiled,Said:“So you don’t believe that I…