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Sep - 10

“I rely on,Niche,I heard it right?!”

Wang Xuan was shocked,Looking at Mo Xiaosheng with an unbelievable face,“Yes……Is it us?” “Looks like!” Mo Xiaosheng was also surprised,Smiled and nodded。 “Great!” Wang Xuan jumped up suddenly,Hugged Mo Xiaosheng’s neck,Hung on Mo Xiaosheng abruptly,The whole person kept smirking excitedly。…

Jun - 16

“Ok,Who else is called?”

“Called Shang Zhigang and Lao Xiao,Lao Xiao’s business is basically fine,It’s this half a day,So personnel issues must be on the agenda in advance。” Peng Changyi thought about it:“I feel,It’s better for you to meet Mayor Bao alone,Think about it,If…