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Sep - 25

“What to do,Fuss!”

Director Zhong is now preparing to call Li Qianhui to continue to pressure,So when I heard Xiao Cui’s shout, I glanced at her a little displeased。 “Director Zhong,The Wanshi Group company responsible for this bioengineering project is Yingkang Pharmaceutical, right??”Secretary…

Sep - 16

Buyiyi chose Wu Zetian’s courage。

She went directly to Dong Shu’s door。 Who is Dong Shu? China’s first film queen,Recognized as the best actress in China。 Especially the aura,No one can match。 already10Years ago,25The year-old Dong Shu has already won an international queen award,So far15Year…

Aug - 23

What kind of plane is this??

I’m not familiar with him! “The Knicks didn’t start well,”Kefan Road:“But they played even worse after changing the lineup!” Knicks substitutions,The Cavaliers also substituted,But they only changed to Varejao,ReplacedTT,The Big Three are still on the court。 This lineup is different…

Jun - 29

The swallow immediately said loudly。

“alright,Let’s change the topic,Your master and apprentice will praise me like this again,I can’t even find North。” Shen Ruoxi screamed and called…… Silent night,Bright street lights illuminate the empty hospital compound brightly,Except for the night wind blowing through the treetops“rustle”Outside…