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Aug - 31

I was so arrogant before,The defiant tiger。

now,When I heard Li Xingxing,Kowtowing at Lin Yu for mercy。 Because Brother Hu knows,What exactly is Li Xingxing’s confession?。 “Yingying,Let’s go!” I heard Brother Hu,Lin Yu takes a look at Li Xingxing,Just ignore。 “Ok!” Lu Yingying heard what Lin Yu…

Aug - 27

Big cousin Liu Wen suddenly said with emotion:“What an ordinary one,Just go by,Calm and calm,Quiet and peaceful。”</p>

Zhang Junmi smiled,Just smile a little melancholy,Tao:“Yes,What an ordinary one,But even these,We can’t do it。”</p> Su Luodao:“In the eyes of others,We are successful,Standing in the most dazzling place,But does anyone know,We are just ordinary people,Same desire for freedom,Affection,love。”</p> Teacher He…

Aug - 19


First13chapter Rescue soldiers “Finish!” Finished,Chu Yi looked left、Right look。 quickly,His eyes fell on the work card of the middle-aged teller。 “Cai Xiulian?”Chu Yi casually glanced at the name on the work card,Didn’t care。 “Finish?”Cai Xiulian still looks disdainful,The tone of…

Jun - 21

Qin Liang said hello unkindly。

“why you!” Yang Shiyun asked in astonishment。 “I have a hasty!Is it me that is so strange?Are you waiting for other men to knock on your door?” Qin Liang deliberately asked provocatively,Stepping into the room at the same time…… “fart!What…

Jun - 11

Li Qiaoer and Li Yaxin are dragon soul fighters of the Rose Legion,And the commander of the Rose Legion is Swallow, not Qin Liang,So they only need to ask Yanzi for leave。

“Let’s ask for leave and will approve it?” Li Yaxin asked worriedly。 “Why not?Now do we have a task,Moreover,Sister Yanzi is so talkative,Do not worry,She will definitely agree with us to go。” Li Qiao’er said confidently。 “That’s good,Speaking of Mayfair…

May - 23

Shen Ruoxue replied without mind。

Usually Liu Xiaoyun molested“Sexual assault”Shen Ruoxue,Today it’s completely upside down,In order for Shen Ruoxue to continue to take her own“offense”Go through,Also fight。 “Then I am also an honest little fairy,And you are not,You are a liar little fairy。” Liu Xiaoyun…