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Sep - 07

But the proud chatter disdain to refresh the data,Like he took it in three quarters61Equal,If you continue to fight, you won’t get points in the fourth quarter.?

But Tsundere’s chatter thinks there is no confrontation,Scores and data without passion,Never mind! And the other Tangyer·Marshall may not be familiar to everyone。 ,After all, a player who has retired for many years,He belongs to“tramp”Player,Worked8Teams,Almost half of the games in…

Aug - 12

“So this is ah!”

Mo Xiaosheng nodded and smiled,Touched his nose and said,I remembered Sasaki’s wretched look when he looked at Anna just now,I don’t know for a while. If Sasaki knows that Anina is the vice president of the U.S. Medical Association he…

Jun - 20

Liu Xiaoyun disdainfully retorted。

“Please!When I met your sister Ruoxi,She is already a big beauty,Isn’t it a little beauty??There is a fundamental difference between big beauties and little beauties!Not to be confused。” Qin Liang explained seriously。“Nonsense!Then tell me;What is the essential difference between a…

Jun - 05

Nana covers her belly,said laughingly:“So cool。”

“Haha。”Shu Qing smiled,Said:“remember,When you are not calm in the future,You just drink yogurt。” “What if it’s winter?” “Drink in winter。” “Ha ha,I dare not,Time to have a stomach。” Shu Qing said:“The one I bought won’t,Especially our girls are good to…