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Sep - 08

What did i do?

I just complained that this is a malicious foul,You just blow me? Bad old man,I’m afraid you are sick! Kobe rises from the ground,Opened the big book。 “Stop it,This guy has a brain problem。” Double free throws。 Kobe got50Minute。 The…

Sep - 01

But okay,he came,

This beautiful treasure girl will never be wronged,Because she belongs to him。 “Your analysis is very good,In fact, I started planning a long time ago。”Zhao Ming said lightly,“Millions of years ago,I’m outrageously dead。But what a formidable existence is our ancient…

Aug - 21

“Hahahaha,Do you know the old man’s hand broke,I will let you taste my ninth spirit ability today,Space solidification!”Lock space at this moment,All energy air stops here,And Tyrant stopped at this moment,Because he can’t move, this space energy tightly suppresses him,If you want Lin Yan to see it,I must think he is similar to the two-level static domain。

“hateful,Can’t move,Even the air in the body is drawn out of the body,Li Qingshan is a bit of a guy。”Yes,At this moment,Even the air in the body is forced out of the body,That piercing feeling,Let the tyrant sweat,Even if his…

Jun - 08

“Can you not mention this‘chicken’Word……”

Du Shanshan said frustratedly。 “I can ask your family to buy you beef back。” The little nurse turned her eyes。 “I can eat beef!Really?” Du Shanshan’s eyes lit up immediately,Excitedly asked。 “Do not,You think too much,You can only drink beef…

Jun - 03

“Do not,Do not,Do not!Not!”

Liu Xiaoyun refused,Turning around and making a face at Qin Liang。 “You just come?I’m back to the hotel,You wander by yourself。” Qin Liang pretended to say,Then stopped。 Liu Xiaoyun hesitated,Still returned to Qin Liang’s side…… “Brother-in-law,What are you doing?” Shen…